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Our Write For section is all about sharing digital knowledge. It provides a platform where developers, designers and techies can share, learn & connect. Our audience ranges from very technical developers, enthusiasts, and IT managers willing to discuss new technologies.

Our goal is to provide a stage for everyone passionate about technology to have a voice via oawo. Write for oawo and share your ideas, knowledge, doubts and fears regarding digital technology to thousands.

If you are interested in contributing to oawo, register as a blogger and email us at wf@oawo.com.

oawo reaches out to a very broad audience, so we are looking for content in areas like:

  • Frontend and backend software development
  • Data Engineering
  • DevOps
  • IT Architecture
  • Low-code development: OutSystems
  • Mobile App development
  • And what about the format? We’re looking for technical articles in these formats:
  • First-hand experience with new tech stacks
  • Designing
  • Crazy theories
  • Failure — share when you screwed up and what you learned!

Before submitting an article, make sure you did the following:

  • Clear storyline — concise arguments, details, examples and/or data.
  • Straight to the point.
  • TITLE — spend some time writing a good headline.
  • Inform us if the story was submitted elsewhere.
  • Be ethical — be transparent on the article if you have a relationship with any of the companies and/or tech stacks discussed.
  • No plagiarism.

Our style guidelines:

  • Must have a great cover photo — this is the first that people see, so be precise! And yes, do not forget copyrights & Fair usage principles.
  • Recognise your sources and give them credit.
  • Use (bold) titles in every section throughout the article.
  • Divide the content with subtitles — this will make it easier and more pleasant to read.
  • Make sure the reader can directly benefit from what he/she learned. If you are only doing a sales pitch about a company or product, sorry, we are not going to publish it!

You can visit our blog section where your articles will be shared.